Michigan Fossils

This is a Google map showing fossil locations for the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.


This is a Google map showing fossil sites in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


The information for these maps was gathered by Donald Kenney and released under a Creative Commons License. 
I have, to the best of my ability, corrected location errors and supplied site data where possible.
But with over 200 listings there are bound to be some errors and omissions.
Additionally, as Mr. Kenney points out on his page, with the passage of time, conditions may/will have changed at these sites. Some will be covered but others nearby with similar material may have opened. Use these sites to locate prospective areas rather than as an absolute guide.
And as always, Respect private property - Obtain permission BEFORE entering any property.

Mr. Kenney has created a database of fossil locations for the entire country and continues to update and improve it. It should prove useful for any fossil collector. Give it a look!

Here is the Michigan portion of the database updated to August 2018 

And Please send me updated information if you have it! webmaster (at) michrocks.org