Information about collectible fossils and minerals around the nation as well as the places to find them. 


Mineral Resources Data System
This link will take you to the

Mineral Resources Data System
which is run by the USGS. 

It brings together data on mines, quarries, gravel pits and other mineral operations for the whole country, and allows you to display that information in your web browser, or download the information for use with other mapping products (Delorme, Garmin, Google, GIS etc.)

You can download the data for the entire country (266,000 locations!) or state by state and even individual counties.

The data in the system is sometimes less than accurate, as it was drawn from old sources and not checked against reality. It does give clues as to what might be found where and possible areas to explore.

This page allows you to view the data in your web browser (Doesn't seem to work with the Google browser, does with IE and Firefox) but you have to scroll down to find the line with your information. It also allows you to get data for a selected area.