Michigan's State Soil

The Kalkaska Soil Series

State Soil?
I hear you say. No, it's not a joke. Michigan and all the other states have a declared state soil.
Ours was selected for a number of reasons: 
It is found in many places in our state (33 of our 83 counties have some Kalkaska soil) on over one million acres in both the upper and lower penninsulas.
It is good soil for trees so it helps with one of Michigans largest industries: Forestry
It is an attractive looking soil when viewed in a soil cut (a hole). It shades in color from a sandy black in the organic laden upper portions through dark browns of mineral stained sands to a light golden sand below three feet or so, that still looks much as it did when the glaciers retreated 10000 years ago.

Areas with similar soils are grouped and labeled as soil series because their similar origins, chemical, and physical properties make the soils perform similarly for land use purposes. A soil series name generally is derived from a town or landmark in or near the area where the soil was first recognized.


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