Michigan Rockhounding Locations

The following maps are based on data from the Mineral Resources Data System

The data in the system is sometimes less than accurate, as it was drawn from old sources and not checked against reality. It does give clues as to what might be found where and possible areas to explore.

Here is a subset of the Raw data presented on Google Maps

If you click on some of the dots in the lake you'll note what I meant about some inaccuracies in the data. I'm pretty sure the North Kearsarge isn't a few miles off the shore of Isle Royale. Most of these glaring errors are due to transposed, dropped, and mis-entered digits in the coordinates. These are relatively easy to fix.

Here! are the latest versions of the maps. Now split up by county!



 Indicates a Copper Mine.
 Indicates a Copper Prospect
Other Symbols are variations on these two. 
Bright Yellow indicates Minerals other than Copper.
Black indicates a Pit or Quarry
Red indicates Questionable data or location.
A black dot at the center of the symbol indicates no known name.

Because of the amount of data in each of these maps they are slow to load.
Be patient, when you can pan/zoom the map, the data should be visible.